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How hard is it to pull the gun away?

KEEPER MG Magnetic Gun Mount & Holster holds a sturdy grip to your firearm in order to keep it in place, yet it’s magnets have the right amount of force so it won’t be hard for you to pull away.

Do I need to attach anything to the firearm itself?

No, you don’t need to attach anything to your firearm for it to be used with Keeper Magnetic Gun Mount & Holster.

When this magnet is mounted inside a vehicle, will it interfere with Radios, GPS, Smartphones, LCDs?

Our magnetic gun mount solution it’s engineered to minimize the effects of it’s magnetic fields, with a protective back-plate, so it can be installed your Car/SUV/Truck center console without any side effects on any standard electronic gear such as radios, GPS, smartphones or LCDs – the mounting options are limitless!

Yet take into consideration if you have magnetic sensitive gear.

Is there a solution or an option where I don’t have to drill into my car?

The solution we recommend as an alternative to our included self-tapping screws, is to use a good high strength rated double sided tape mount. We had feedback from a lot of customers who used this method successfully – just make sure the double sided tape is strong and of high quality, and make sure you follow all of the instructions for a proper mount, like cleaning the contact surfaces and giving enough time to form a bound.

Will this magnetize my gun?

No, your gun won’t get magnetized. Our gun magnet consists of a series of alternating north and south pole orientated magnets that will prevent any gun magnetization.

Will there be long term scuff marks?

Our magnets are covered by a durable rubber cover that protects your firearms from any scuff or marks.

What gun models are supported?

KEEPER MG Magnetic Gun Mount works with almost all guns, like: Smith & Wesson (M&P Shield, M&P15, 686, 10, Model 60), Ruger (LCP, SP101,SR1911, GP-100,LCR, BlackHawk, Red Label, Mini-14,No.1, LC9), Springfield(XD-S, EMP4), Sig Sauer (P226, 229, P938, P225-A1), Glock(G17, G19, G22, G42), Colt (1911, Python, LE6920, SAA, Lightweight Commander, AR-15), Kel Tec (PMR-30, KSG, P-11), Heckler & Koch USP, Browning (Hi-Power, BAR, A5,Citori 725, B-SS, BT-99, Maxus, Black Label), Walther (PPK6, P99), Taurus (85, PT92), Remington (760, 7600, 1100, 11-87, 870), Beretta 92FS, Rossi .38 Special and many more...

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